Monday, 30 April 2012

my SOUL mAte...

You are the sweetest person I have ever met all my life . i am honored to have someone like u in my life , u know what , i always think that I not deserved to you , hurm , no matter what it takes  , I will never give up the relationship we share for anythings in this world , HUHU , you are sweater than sugar , my sweetie GPH ~! , i love u so much , you make it easy  for me to fall in love with you . i promise to stand by your side forever , and when we grow old  and are unable to stand for along , we can go for long drives on our weelchair , insyaallah , huhu , and i will wait for you even if it is forever , because i know , no matter how long i wait , i will never find someone like you dear , i pray to Allah that we get the best of everything in this world . You touch my life in the  most magical way . I pray that you will always be success in your life . ermm , just like cinnamon goes well with coffee , strawberries go well with cream , and almonds go well with steamed milk , YOU and I  make a delicious couple ..~! <3 <3 <3

Friday, 27 April 2012

SAJE saje...^^

HYEP2 , ketemu lagi kite yee , HUHU , in kejap jew nie , ^^ tataw na cite pew sbnornyee , bowink sesangat  , hurm , begini la kot agaknye idop as seorang pnganggur , ta abis dok tanam anggur jeee , HAHA , membosankan betol ~!! act , shara nie bru je lpas abis spm , sdang mnunggu na msok mne , mybe f6 la kott , then kalo pointer baek tros leyh smbung degree , insyaallah , :))  na keje mcm2 pnyakit cerewet nye dtgg , so , keje tnam anggur jew la at uma niee kann , hurm , (kesian btoll idop kitee nie kan) !! HUHU , tpewlaa , na wat mcm mne kan , trima jewlaa , erm , okkea la , sperti mne yg shara akp , just na in kejap jee , malas na story pnjg2 , HUHU , keyh la ea , tata , PEACE !! (Y)

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Salam perkenalan ^_^

Hello,assalamualaikum..i'm Ernadia Oshara(pelik btol name kitee tu kan)HAHA,ta kesa la na pnggil kite ape pon cz kite mmg jnis yg ta kesa pon(erm..yekee?)!whatever lah,(blurr)HAHA, malas na story pnjg2,just i want to thank to my sis Intan Salwa(sape ta kenal dye tuw kan,aktif berblogger2 nihh,HAHA)thx sbb da tlong wat kan blog yg ta berapa cntik n ta siap nih..LOL..HUHU,nti ade mase insyaallah shara update kan lgi cite2 yg mnarik..,okkea!k la ,stop disini,sampai kite ketemu lgi..,daaa,HAHAHA,salamm..^_^ peace YO!!

Friday, 20 April 2012

sis blog

testtest ... nak test je jpp .. hohoo o.o ;//